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  • Wind Mill Bearing

    Product introduction

    We have been exporting wind mill bearing with outer diameter from 320mm to 5000mm according to customer’s request. And we have also supply main bearing, yaw bearing and pitch bearing with 600KW, 660KW, 750KW, 1.3MW to Demark, Germany, India, etc.  

    Production process

    Forging rings with QT  >  Rough machining  >  Groove machining  >  Raceway hardening  >  Finishing machining  >  Mounting holes drilling  >  Teeth machining  >  Raceway finishing machining  >  Assembly  >  Packing & delivery

    Our factory has following facilities:

    CNC vertical lathe: maximum processing diameter Ф6.3m

    Gear hobbing machine: maximum processing diameterФ6.3m, max. modulus m50

    Gear cutting and milling machine: maximum processing diameter Ф3m

    CNC drilling machine: maximum processing diameter Ф5m

    Intermediate frequency hardening machine: Max. raceway hardening diameterФ5m

    Our factory has also developed Digital Preload Torque testing device. So we have the capability of supplying wind mill bearing in batch.


    VII. Other wind mill products—hubs, housing, framework